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    Hi. My name is Emmanuela. A 19 year old Ohioan who has been dealing with Misophonia since about eighth grade of middle school.Like most Monophonic people, my sensitivity to sound started really small but then increased largely. My noise sensitivity is with sniffles. I hate hearing sniffling and spitting noises repeatedly. Upon hearing the pattern of this sound, my body begins to get tense. I can feel my body temperature rising and I begin to get hot. I know its a psychological issue and that its all in my head, in fact, that is what I tell myself to try to make it better but often times it does little to no good. When I have an episode, in which I am stuck in a medium or space in which I am constantly hearing that noise, I can not focus on anything else. Whether it is my professor’s lecture or extra studying time I am putting in. I find myself thinking of how I can make it stop. Gruesome events began to pass through my head and it makes it even worse when I can identity the person in the room making the noise because then I have an instant hate in my heart towards them, as innocent as they may be. How my sensitivity started, I have no idea. I remember the days when I had no problem with these sounds, how I took it for granted. Now a days, I can go as far as wishing I was deaf to avoid hearing these noises. It is hard. For I am aspiring pre-medical student at a prestigious and rather large university. Every day is an never ending battle as I attend lectures, study in huge libraries, partake in volunteer and activities that are filled with such noises. I only pray that one day there is something that can end it. Until then I am afraid I might have to go to my grave fighting this terrible disorder.

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    Alyssa McCracken

    I’ve had this problem for as long as I can remember (I’m 19) and it’s really bad. When my family eats dinner I have to have my headphones on and at full volume just to help me ignore the fact that someone is eating… I remember times just looking at my mom or brother and just thinking terrible things simply because I could hear them chewing. Sometimes I literally wanna rip my ears off. It’s a big problem in my life and I feel so bad about. 🙁

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    mike jones

    Agreed! Also people who need to blow their nose and then just keep sniffing instead of blowing their nose. Also, someone who coughs constantly. People soise sucks! A person asleep, snoring in public, OMG, I can become homicidal

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    right, hi
    this is also something i have been suffering with for ages! first of all it was really early on like i would be sensitive to coughing, omg no just leave, from id say about year 9 at school.
    i have completely stopped eating any form of food near my family as they all like to make noises when they eat and i have even been given 14 detentions from school for not removing or handing my headphones in because someone was chewing a chewing gum SOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! loudly. I’m surprised you didn’t hear it. but what i wanna say that there i know is no cure, always have headphones with you and from a sufferer to a sufferer try to ignore it, remove yorself from the situation and just get past it. i have had many episodes of balling my complete eyes out because i have been in a queue and someone has been chewing gum right behind me like a FUCKING RHINO!!! omg i’m not angry lol *eye role
    but year try to build a bridge and refrain from smashing their face in xoxo

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    Hi everyone,
    I’m so relieved I found other people sharing my same, say, “disorder”!
    I can’t stand people sniffling, chewing with mouth open and sucking soup or noodles.
    I’m coping with this problem since I was about 15 yo (and I’m 36 now) and I often exploded with insane anger with the “culprit”, parents, friends or whoever.
    Then I moved in Japan 2 years ago and it’s even worse than before: here people NEVER use tissues, at least until snot drips from their very nose, and ALWAYS suck noodles, ramen, udon, soba and whatever is poured in a soup-like dish. I usually wear headphones with relaxing music, at work, on the train or in cafeterias, and avoid restaurants offering ramen and the like.
    Gosh, I really can’t stand it!

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    Constant coughing! My dad suffers from lung cancer. I can barely bear to visit because of the constant coughing. The intrusive thoughts of murdering him to end both of our suffering become more frequent the longer I’m there. My family thinks I’m crazy that I just can’t “tune it out” and enjoy time with him. You know.

    Other noises on the hit-list: The crinkle of plastic bags, whistling, sniffling, babies crying, phones ringing, pen cap clicking, general tapping, the revving of small engines such as a weed-wacker or leaf blower, the high-pitched beeping of something in reverse, so many more that I’m getting anxious just thinking about it.

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    It’s really relieving to hear from people who experience similar things, people normally think I’m crazy. My first memory of misophonia was in middle school when I went to overnight camp I’d cry all night because girls in my cabin were snoring and I couldn’t handle the sound. Also there was a girl in my class who was always twirling her hair and it drove me crazy not knowing why it bothered me so much. When I was in sixth grade I remember a boy sitting by me was shaking his leg and his pants were making a sound and I asked my teacher if she could ask him to stop because i couldn’t focus on anything else. My main triggers are around food/mouth sounds and breathing sounds. It’s very challenging to not get aggressive with people, but I think I’ve learned to handle it better over the years thankfully but sometimes the triggers are just unavoidable.

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    John Stormnoiser

    Interesting, I get annoyed with body noises, but what drives me mad are sharp sounds, machines sounds, alarms, loud sounds, fireworks, beeps, yells, horns.
    This is a problem to me, because there is lot of places I hate to be because there is a constant machine noise, and I get overly mad, it makes me have death wishes or makes me want to destroy the machine with something. Its funny because I do musics, but I hate loud sounds, including loud music, I don’t play it loud.
    It was strange to me that people can’t understand why a pressure washer is a hell of a machine, really, people should burn all those machines.
    Why people have alarm that releases itself always and they know it and nobody gonna check because everybody knows it was accidental and they never fix it? It makes me want to throw a stone in their house, what gonna happen? Nobody is going to check the alarm source anyway…
    Really hate motorbike noises, its a pain, its painful to hear cars accelerating after the traffic light goes green.
    Why people hear tv and music so loud? Whyyyyyyyyy?!?!?!?!??!! Those entertaining shows with lot of dumb musics and claps and people yelling, nooooooooooooooooo, please, this makes me roll in the floor from misophonia…
    Why people talk so loud? Why people have to yell when they are having fun?
    I’m ashamed of how I get after a trigger, I hope normal people don’t face me when it happens.

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