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      Reading these other posts, I feel like I can be open. I have told people about the blind rage I feel when I can hear someone chewing loudly and like many of you I get people looking at like I’m speaking another language or they dismiss it with a “oh I know what you mean” but they don’t.
      Like many others here, I struggle with rage and anxiety when I hear someone chewing, loved ones included. I have friends who tell me they are afraid to eat around me, I’ve screamed at friends when they chew with their mouth open, I have stopped talking to a boyfriend for hours because he would not stop chewing on his ice. But that’s not where it stops for me. I’ve started going to the movies on week days in hopes that it will minimize my chance of sitting next to someone chomping away on their pop corn. I have stopped eating chips, granola bars, nuts because of the crunching noises I can hear myself make.
      But even on TV and in movies I feel the anxiety rush over me when the bad guy is sloppily eating his meal or the “cool girl” has who knows how many pieces of gum rolling around in her mouth. But the worst of them all, Kit Kat commercials. Personally I love kit kats! But the give me a “break” noise against a persons teeth in their commercials make my skin crawl. I joke that whoever came up with the campaign did not do their research on Misophonia. But really. They didn’t.
      This a frustrating thing we experience. I’m glad this forum, this website, and you all exist here. We can help each other. I feel hopeful here. We need help from our loved ones, even if they are the ones who often take the brunt of the rage, but we also need each other.
      Does anyone else have the same experience with their trigger noise with strangers and on TV/movies?

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        Watching people on TV eating with food in their mouths makes me rage.

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          Yes, I recently learned about misophonia and have been suffering with it for many years. I also have to turn away when I see images of people eating and especially picking their teeth. The sounds and images are jarring and interrupt my concentration. My therapist is treating it like a trauma and using EMDR. But I currently need to put earbuds in as soon as I get to work and listen to music or podcasts because even thinking that co-workers are going to eat something and I will hear it is disturbing to me. It is a very socially isolating condition. Thanks for sharing.

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            I’ve stopped caring who thinks I’m crazy when I clap my hands over my in such cases.
            For home TV watching I paid 40 dollars for a remote control because it has a large, well placed mute button. It’s always within snatching distance.

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