Is my acersion to being jostled part of my misophonia or not?

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    Grace T

      I hate it when someone is on the same sofa as me/ touching me and taps their leg etc, making me or the sofa move-it makes me so angry i have to leave the room. Im wondering if this is to do with misophonia or not? I read it somewhere (cant remember) that it can be visual/ physical but ive only seen this once so i was wondering if it is misophonia or somethig else? Idk im confused

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      Hi Grace. This is a great question and the issue you describe above is something I get as well (and I suspect many other misophones).

      In terms of ‘labels’, right now we have the following…

      Misophonia – aversion to specific sounds (chewing, sniffing, tapping etc)
      Misokinesia – aversion to specific visual movements (face touching, leg jigging etc)
      Sensory Processing Disorder – a broader term which can cover a whole set of sensory disorders. e.g. sound sensitivity (misophonia)… light sensitivity… touch sensitivity and so on.

      The trouble is research into all of the above is really still in its infancy. As such we still don’t know enough about how different sensory processing disorders relate to one another. However, I think it’s fair to say that if you have one there’s a stronger likelihood you may also have one or more of the others.

      For example I have misophonia and misokinesia and the issue you described above. I also have ASMR which is like misophonia but results in a pleasant sensation from certain, specific sounds.

      Someone else might have misophonia and the contact issue you describe above but nothing else. Another person might have ASMR alone and nothing else. And so on and so forth.

      I think what we’re discovering is that we can’t necessary lock ourselves under just the one label as if each disorder is a separate entity. I suspect they are highly related and share common neurological features.

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        I know I have severe misophonia and mild (maybe moderate?) misokensia. I also have the issue you describe above. I have a hard time being on a couch that someone is moving when they are fidgeting, bouncing a leg, etc. Also found that at school, it would bother me when I felt someone (bouncing their leg, tapping, etc.) on their desk through my desk, although not anymore. One of the good things to come from the pandemic: social distancing. In general, it is the smaller, repetitive movements I feel that seem to bother me.

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