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    Has anyone had experience with health insurance covering diagnosis for misaphonia? My daughter has dropped out of higher education due to not being able to wear headphones and muffle out the disturbing noises. Trying to find a solution as she will deal with this the rest of her life, and school is saying they cannot make accommodations without a true diagnosis and letter. I’ve called several clinics for the disorder and audiologist, and am being told insurance usually only covers a hearing test, no coverage for possible treatment (in-ear white noise generator) and diagnosis. Just wondering how others have found a way around it to get a diagnosis. She has a psychiatrist and therapist, not seen regularly, and treated for depression and anxiety, clearly, and understandably, the medication does not help. In the process of finding a therapist who can help with coping, but in meantime trying to find avenue to get insurance to cover the diagnosis and see what accommodations school will make.
    Thank you for any ideas.

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    Hi Charlie.
    My daughter has this as well. When we went to our family dr I shared that I thought she had misophonia and the dr actually knew what it was! Had her write a note for the school to put on file that she can wear headphones, etc. if she needs. Only paid a regular copay. No school can discriminate against people who are hard of hearing and this should be treated similarly. It is considered a disability. Hope you can find a dr who will diagnose this for her.

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