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      I have just realized this is probably what my problem is. How nice to put a name to it, but it’s soooo late in life (I’m 45). I cannot stand noise around me, I get so extremely angry. At different points in my life it’s been better, or worse… I suspect that might be linked to my anxiety. I have stayed single because I cannot stand to be close to people. I do have 2 sons, they are now grown up. We live together and while it’s difficult, it works reasonably well because we all just do our own thing. I do sometimes still snap though. My life revolves around this. I don’t have friends, I work at home, shop exclusively online, etc. etc.

      I could go on and on about how this affects my life, but I’ll move on to a question for now. I also cannot stand smells. I don’t mind the smells of good food, but if it lingers I cannot cope. Leftover onions have to be sealed in ziplock bag before going into the trash, I rarely cook eggs because I cannot stand how the smell lingers, even if I do have the fan on. I seem to smell what no one else does. I have air cleaners with charcoal filters all over the house, use unscented everything… My question is could these be related? And can this affect generations? My dad hid away far from anyone as much as he could for decades, something that I was always very jealous of.

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