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      I’m 14, and I’ve had Misophonia for quite a few years now, it’s progressively gotten worse. It’s hard to focus in school when people decide to chew their gum like a cow.It’s hard to have family dinner without me going insane and leaving the table. My family doesn’t seem to understand how it makes me feel. Hearing someone smack their lips, chew, bite their fork, or scrape their plate with silverware makes me want to just scream into a pillow. It made me feel messed up, like I was just wrong. I hadn’t known anyone suffering from this, so that made it harder. I was hard on myself because I just couldn’t deal with it. Watching a movie with my family was just a nightmare, with the sound of people chewing popcorn. I haven’t found a way to cope that works for me yet. We’ve tried to see if Omega 3 would help, and it hasn’t. Distracting myself doesn’t work, that seems to build up more rage inside of me. All these noises I hate are much louder than any background noise. It drives me crazy! I get so angry, and I’m not much of an angry person. I don’t know of another way to help with this.

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