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      I believe I have this, milder than others I think, I have never reached rage or panic but do get irritated. I started looking into this recently as a co-worker in the last few weeks has started a new thing. He brings in a quart size ziploc in the morning full of Cheerios or some sort of super crunchy cereal. I don’t think it would have bothered me or I would have noticed so much if he just ate it and was done, but he literally eats this one or 2 pieces at a time over the course of 2 to 4 hours right up until lunch sometimes. So now all morning long I hear this and the rustling of the bag almost non stop 2 to 3 times a minute for hours. I can usually let the little noises not get to me as often in my life its been short lived but this going on for hours each and every day has gotten to me a bit. I guess I will look into some noise cancelling head phones or something if it continues.

      I read a few other posts and will read more. Some of the things that bother people don’t phase me like kids or people screaming, dogs barking, nail gun in the neighborhood don’t mind at all. It seems to be things like loud eating, lips smacking, loud breathing etc. As I get older and less tolerant I do recall asking another co worker a month or so ago now that if he was going to smack his lips to leave my cube as he was sitting at my desk. Loud typers can bother me also, some people seem to think they need to hit each key as hard as possible or have one of those old school mechanical keyboards. The worst ever for that was when my wife had a blackberry phone like 10 years ago and on a trip to a family reunion (16 hour drive) she was constantly texting with other family members. Those old mechanical keyboards on the blackberry were enough to drive anyone nuts I would think. That went on for hours.

      I also feel sometimes it can be visual. Another little thing that has driven me a bit nuts in the past was my wife when we are on a trip or something. She can literally go through Facebook on her phone for hours. The motion she makes to swipe down sometimes catches my eye and gets me going. I have seen her scroll probably 1000s of times in an hour before wondering if it was ever going to end.

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        The visual condition is “Misokinesia”. It’s all fun isn’t it?

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