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      I am currently living with a family member who knows I have this issue. I always have. We never used the word Misophonia, but I have explained that these noises that would slightly annoy the average person cause me to either have a panic attack and experience extreme anger until it stops or I can get away. She is home all the time, so all my time off work is spent listening to her triggering noises. I can’t kick her out. But she isn’t trying at all to help. Instead, I get yelled at when I leave the room and put on earbuds or go out for a walk. She says i’M trying to insult her. The only way I can sleep is passing out every few days from sheer exhaustion.

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      That’s a really difficult situation Jessie. If you’re exhausted all the time your stress levels will be higher than usual and your amygdala more reactive. This in turn will make the misophonia much worse, resulting in even more stress and even less sleep and less on. Is there somewhere you can go to get some respite (a quiet room or a nice walk)? If you can reset from time to time that will really help. Also, if you haven’t already it might be worth investing in some headphones that you can use when it’s particularly bad at home.

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        What relation is your family member? Are you too young to move out? Why can’t you kick her out? What triggers does she do?

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