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    Hello everyone,
    I have this since I was 4-5 y.o, maybe even early. I remeber complaining about that to my parents, that my head is hurting, it seemed like everything was turning around, and I cant stop that. I am not only afraid of chewing, I am afraid of all repetitive sounds and movements. All kind of music, all repetitive sounds like breathing and so on, or repetitive movements like light turning on and turning off, it all triggers me. I dont know if its misophonia, I havent found similar symptomes as mine. But the chewing thing doesnt affect me mostly, because I can stop that, I can tell that people to stop, and he/she stops. I am only afraid of uncontrollable things. For example, the earth never stops rotating, and i cant stop that. When I even dont see this thing, even I only imagine it, it really makes me anxious.
    I cant describe what I feel in the moment of attack, but its really horryfing feeling, in that moments i cover my ears and close my eyes, trying to not think about that. I remember once I tried to disable my eardrums with the needle, in severe cases i think about suicide. Please if anyone know something about that or have similar symtoms please tell me.

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