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      Im very conflicted on how to tell my family or whether or not I even should. I have thought about just telling my mom and dad, just my mom, just my dad, my whole family or just not at all. Im conflicted because im not sure they will understand, or be supportive. Earlier today I lashed out in the car because my mom was breathing heavy and fidgeting with her fingers,my brother was licking his lips because he was drinking a soda all while his nose was squeaking. For the next couple of hours I couldnt be near them and they ridiculed me for lashing out, my mom even saying “we need to hurry up and figure out what the fuck is wrong with you”. That is hard to hear seeing as I try not to see this as and illness or something like that. Also, last week we were in the store and my mom was tapping her finger nails against the shopping cart and asked her to stop (I held myself back and was polite about it) and my dad told me that I “need to get over it”. The example I provided make me feel uneasy about telling my family, im not sure if they will just tell me to get over it or tell me that misophonia isnt real or something. Anyway, sorry for posting a book, but can anyone share what their experience with telling their family was like I think it would be helpful.

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