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    Hi everyone
    I’m curious to know, when you manage to ‘escape’ from a trigger (ie when you run out the room, trying not to scream as you go – as I often do) how long does it take for you to get rid of those fight or flight thoughts/feelings?
    I usually find that I calm down quite quickly once I’m away from a trigger but I wondered if it was different for other people?

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    Hi Grace,

    That’s a really good question and I’ll be interested to hear the responses too.

    For me it’s pretty much instant (i.e. when I’ve completely got away and have had a chance to take a few deep breaths).

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    I calm down once I’m away from a trigger, but if the trigger is low bass thumping I find it takes a few hours as I am almost just waiting for it to start again. I also find that a few hours after I am trying to justify why I reacted like I did and it can leave me tearful for several hours, which can lead to sleepless night and then migraine

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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