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      I first realized I had a peculiar response to certain sounds back in 2011. It ALMOST drove me to the proper definition of ‘insane’. I can gratefully now say that my ‘sound issue’ (as I would call it) it’s almost non-existent; relative to the day breaking debilitation it had previously led me to. I first thought I could just google it and get my quick fix, but after a few hours I had realized the impossibility in that. After days, weeks, months and years, I realized it was incurable, and well, I was what would be called, totally @$#!’d for the rest of my life going forward. It was amazing to me that as I googled the condition over the years, more and more information became available, and the more I talked about it to people, the more I realized that I wasn’t alone. In my severity of the ‘condition’, yes – I was definitely alone in that – but other people were definitely experiencing warped emotional reactions to certain sounds – just not to the extent that it had been affecting me. So…moving on from all that blabber, here are the things that had the biggest impacts on my ability to cope with and pretty much cure it, in terms of it no longer affecting my mental health.

      1. Talk to People About It – not just on forums. Ask the people you already know in your life if they experience anything like it.
      2. Pin-point the emotion that the sound sparks and try to sort for yourself (intellectually) why it’s something that makes you feel not well. Then, once you know what it is with certainty, explore it; using step 1 *hah* – but seriously.

      I did the above two things for years, with no ‘quick’ resolution. But they were vital to learning how to get past what I was going through.

      3. I eventually went on an anti-depressant; an SSRI, commonly known as Zoloft – back in 2017. What this drug did (more than the ‘party’ ones did), was give me enough relief to explore what the heck was going on in my pysche and what logically I could do to work on it.

      4. Get off of the SSRI – to be continued.

      …but hey, I feel a shit load better and I understand a hell of a lot more than just knowing what it is to go through hell on earth. Here are some definite ‘quick fixes’ for the coping side of it – which HELPED A LOT with the ‘symptoms’ of this incredibly weird god-forsaken audio-mental disease, as I now like to call it:

      – Get a fan for where you sleep. NOT one that rotates – those can be annoying a.f., as well. Don’t buy the ones that super expensive either – they make those to have low sound, and it’s that beautiful, mechanical white noise of it all that makes it all so soothing for that long needed ‘quiet’ night slumber. To each their own, but this worked for me – tonnes!
      – Use earplugs if a fan doesn’t help. Choose your preferred nuisance – either are better than the alternative…
      – Listen to sleep playlists – I used and still do use nature sounds – crickets work great; I find because of the commotion of the sound and that it’s natural – it tunes out everything else and feels pretty nice to fall asleep to.

      Final note (P.S.) – for me, I discovered the issue had a lot do with a lack of control that I felt in my life. That’s as general as I will keep it. But realizing that, helped me the most and I was able to sort of a heck of a lot in why I felt so damaged.

      Best of luck with your quest.

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