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      I think i have misophonia even though its not been diagnosed properly but i get so angry at someone whos loud breathing, chewing, wheezing, snoring, tapping and any repetitive sound and i feel like i meed to lash out at them but because i know i cant, the anger bubbles up inside of me and i feel like i wanna scream and cry but it seems so stupid to be so distressed by this kind of thing so i was so happy when I discovered i wasnt the only one but idk how to cope just on a day to day basis. Ive told my parents and they agree that i have it but they don’t really care they dont do anything or change their actions like they still eat with their mouth open and they just dont understand how fustrating it is and idk what to do cos i feel like im loosing control and im doing GCSEs this year and everything is getting to me!

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        I’d try suggesting medical remedies for things like heavy breathing, snoring etc. As for tapping, I’ve started asking what the tapping noise is even if I already know!

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