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    Hi –

    About 6 months ago while sitting down to eat lunch during a regular weekend afternoon, my older son (age 6) went into a full on rage over his younger brother’s eating. It was unsettling and ever since whenever my younger son (age 3) breathes wrong, gulps, swallows, chews, it sets my older son off.

    I need help. We’ve tried headphones at dinner, separate dinners, etc. and while dinners are the predictable time in the day when these noises would be bothersome so we can put in place distractions, my younger son, being human, does breathe, swallow, chew, during non-eating times as well. This can be unpredictable and turn, for example, night time story time, into madness and anger. What strategies have people used? The rage is real and has involved my older son lunging at my younger son’s throat ready to squeeze it – hitting, biting, kicking (so hard we had to take the little one to the dr).

    It seemed to come on suddenly and we have moments when its worse and better, but it’s always there.


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