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      So I have just discovered a new trigger and it is quickly driving me crazy.

      I have had misophnia for as long as I can remember, although I didn’t know it had a name until the last couple of years. It has always made me feel like I am nuts and need to be locked up but this new trigger is taking it to all new heights.

      Basically I am now being triggered when my neighbors play their music. They play it just load enough to be heard at the other end of my house and they do it all the time. I love music and I don’t want to stop anyone listening to it, I just would like them to be a bit more considerate and lower the volume. It is constantly in the back ground and I can’t escape it. Yesterday I had a full on attack, ended up punching myself in the head, I felt like I was being chased out of my house because of this noise. My husband asked them to turn it down 3 times but they think that because they are not playing it at unsociable hours they can play it as much as they want

      To make matters worse I have come into work and the department in the room next to mine are also playing their music really loud, I work in HR so need to be approachable so I can’t wear earphones and I can’t just pop outside for a few minutes – I have asked them to turn it down but they keep laughing at me – I feel like I am going to explode

      Is there anything I can do other than wear earphones? Please I am desperate

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        i can very well understand your struggle…. this can be a trigger…. misophonia is not limited to sound made by humans… i guess im on the very high end of the misophonia spectrum… adn hence can totally empathise with you… its a huge problem for me too…. but we cant expect others who do not have misophonia to understand what we are going through…. hence best way is to find solutions…. at home, it would be a good idea to sound proof you doors/windows from where the sound is leaking and coming in… you could also put on some light relaxing music of your own liking to block out the background noise… and some countries have the “right to quiet” law… this applies to tenant-landlord bonds… but you can find out more about it… and take necessary peaceful steps… focus on peaceful solutions… as the noise and anxiety will take no time to be tranformed into frustration… which will again give rise to more anxiety… thus creating a vicious circle…

        as for your work area… maybe you could ask your boss to help you out… if other co-workers are playing loud music…

        hope that helps…

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          Blast the music back !

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