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      Hi there,

      I found out about misophonia not too long ago. Honestly I think this is an issue that both my sister and mom struggle with as well but I don’t know how to bring it up to my family. Growing up, I remember my mom would yell at us for eating crunchy food too close to her and would throw looks at my dad during dinner. My older sister started similar behavior when she was about 12. She would glare at me during dinner and beg me to chew with my mouth closed or chew more quietly despite my insistence that I was chewing quietly. At that time, these sounds didn’t affect me at all. However, in my research I’ve found that misophonia often doesn’t develop until later.

      Now that I’m older, I live away from home at university. As stress from school and exams has set in my condition has gotten worse. I was trying to study and could hear my roommate talking on the phone and I wanted to cry. The sound of the faucet running made me have to put in headphones and don’t even mention chewing. This is increasing my stress to the point where I don’t want to leave my room and never want to take out my headphones. I’m at a loss for what to do so I started googling. I found that the medical school near my university has an anxiety treatment center that specifically lists misophonia. I want to send in an application so badly but the application asks for my primary care provider’s phone number who is also my parents doctor. I also may need help paying for the sessions as I’m not sure how much it will cost. For this reason I need to tell my parents.

      SO MY QUESTION: How do I bring this up to my parents and get them to realize the severity. I don’t want them to worry but I don’t know where to turn. I don’t think my family believes in mental illness very much. Also because of my family’s history with this (see above) I’m worried that my mom and sister will blow it off. They’ll tell me they live with something similar and are fine. I know they won’t be happy about it and will doubt me especially if they are footing the bill. Any advice is welcome and appreciated.

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