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      Hey so I’ve been struggling with this for a while now, but even when I’m not in a triggering situation, or just trying to relax while at home, I can still hear/see triggers that I may have seen or heard hours ago, or days ago, or even months ago. This is incredibly frustrating as I just want to be able to at least relax when I’m somewhere there aren’t triggers, but I can’t due to experiencing this. Does anybody have tips on how to cope without/get rid of flashbacks and nightmares about triggers?

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      A Rose by any other name

        I’m sorry I only saw your post so many months later. I also get “flashbacks” of my trigger and it makes me twitch, kind of like it does when I really am hearing it. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget a very particular trigger that happened about 3 months ago. My main trigger is yawning, and it hurts even to think about the word, let alone hear the real thing. Anyway, I worked with a girl who basically screamed every time she did it. Every time. We worked in a food booth outside, and people would look in at us, wondering what the heck is happening in there.
        Hang in there. I can mostly cope when I’m at home by putting on some white noise and/or music. Just any music you like. Feel it and just try not to think about your trigger. I don’t know if I can explain it, but don’t try to try not to think about it. Just let yourself go. Count deep breaths and while you listen to your music or white noise, close your eyes and see your happy place. Be in your happy place, and use all of your senses in that. Good luck.

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