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      I think I’ve found my tribe – possibly. As a child, I was bothered by certain sounds. I couldn’t tell you today what they were, but I can tell you now and it has cost me alot. Screaming and hitting would make me want to run. I didn’t grow up in a household witnessing violence. If I am on the phone with someone (especially my mother) and I think I hear or they start eating, I get extremely irritated and hang up and obsess about their rudeness until we talk again. I couldn’t stomach a crying baby and gave birth to twins. Due to my difficulty tolerating crying, my kids got attention from me or someone almost immediately. They are spoiled adults. I rarely used the phone at work, anticipating a chewer on the line. I lost a job due to the phone issue. I finally got a job working with intellectual disabled adults. I felt like I was going to scream working with adults who screamed, hit, and bit not only others but themselves. I transferred to a smaller/quieter site until I was transferred back again per the company’s request. I asked them to reconsider. They refused. Not 2 months of dealing with the environment, I literally ran out the door. When I felt better, I returned, but the damage was done and I was fired. I lost alot. I owe thousands because I haven’t been able to hold a good paying steady job. On the plus side, COVID-19 has minimized my exposure to sounds that make me want to flee.

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