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      I self diagnosed myself around a year ago with misophonia and it has recently been getting alot worse. I get triggered with chewing, gulpimg, sneezing, whispering, lip-smacking, swallowing, and most things mouth and food related. I have lunch with friends at school and dinner with family at home, but i find it very difficult to. I have tried telling them that it bothers me but they will either get offended, tell me that it isnt a big deal and to move on or carry on doing things that trigger me to wind me up because they think that i am over reacting and being silly. I try to remove myself from these situations but dont want to come across as bring rude, but if i dont i can become increasingly angry and emotional. At times i just want to shout at them to shutup and knock whatever they are eating out of their hand. Ive been finding it difficult to socialise with people and have strong relationships with family and friends because even though they dont mean to trigger me, they do, then i get angry and they get offended.

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