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      I’m 16, and a junior in high school. I’ve had misophonia since I was about 6 or 7 and have a wide range of triggers (mostly oral noises). I also have some misokensia, although probably not as bad as the misophonia.

      I’m dreading the SAT. Not just for the normal people reasons, but because of all the leg bouncing. Because of Covid, we took the PSAT 10 this fall, and I found it hard to focus because of all the movement around me. At a break, a really nice teacher administering the test offered everyone mints, which was awful. I thought more about how much time I was losing focused on whether I should chew my mint to drown out the noise or conserve it than the actual PSAT questions in front of me.

      We have to take the real SAT this spring, and I’m terrified that I’ll bomb it because of this. I can’t get any testing accommodations because 1) they take several weeks to process and 2) my small town doesn’t have any professionals that know enough to diagnose me with this or anything that would allow me to get accommodations.

      Anyone else feeling this or something similar?

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        I kind of have something similar about this. I’ll take my country’s (Turkey) uni exam this summer, and I’m already having some not-real & unofficial versions of the exam for studying the real one. I get most of them in my school, and other students are also participating with me. I was having the exams at conference hall before, but people were whispering at there. Gladly, I could move to my classroom, and nobody whispers there, but instead I hear sniffing sounds sometimes. Hope my attention won’t fricked up because of someone’s sniffing at the real exam. (I’m diagnosed btw, but not sue if I can get some special rights if I want)

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