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      Hello. I would like to hear from anyone who has had hypnosis for treating Misophonia.

      I have always had this condition from childhood, but these last few years (I am 41) its got a lot worse after we had a real problem with noisy neighbours a while ago and had to move house.

      It’s made my symptoms much worse on hearing my trigger sounds.. to the point I start shaking, get hot and sweaty, raised heart rate, feel like crying and fleeing the house to get away from the sound. I have started to loose a lot of weight and have panic attacks (these panic attacks were very rare for me in the past).

      I don’t have a lot of money, and the price I found for the hypnosis is expensive for me. I can find the money if there is a chance it will help me, but if not I don’t want to waste my money!!!

      The trigger sounds for me are music / TV noise, no matter how quiet, and also the sound of neighbours air conditioning extractor fans and water pump. I have got to the stage when I can hear these noises even if they are not there sometimes and go into a panic attack!!! Its really annoying me so much now, and its started to cause tension with my partner as well.

      Thanks a lot for any advise.

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        I have personally not tried hypnosis, but one of my sister’s old friends (and how I first found out the name for my condition) did. I don’t know the exact severity of her misophonia, but I do know for a fact that she did get some sort of form filled out so she could wear noise cancelling headphones during school, only because her grades were slipping. I also know that a fact that ALL of her symptoms disappeared after hypnosis, with the exception of people chewing apples, which is now the only thing she can’t stand.

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