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    Misophonic DUDE

      Hey guys — quick question. I’ve been diagnosed with psychosis-NOS (not otherwise specified) and am taking 10mg of Abilify daily. Some of the symptoms have alleviated; some haven’t. The symptoms initially made me think about whether I was experiencing prodromal schizophrenia; at times it feels like it might be social anxiety disorder, and at other times, it may be anxiety produced by a mix of having meditated for a very long time and having set a particularly social goal for myself. It’s hard to say. Anyway, that’s the background to my question. I’m sharing to give people a sense of what my situation is.

      The question is this, do I have misophonia, if, 1) I note that particular sounds produce a reaction in me – not intense like the “hate” described by some, but mostly nonverbal, like a sigh of some sort; 2) I note that my body tends to mimic when I hear particualar sounds, like my body will move to the rhymthm of a sentence being spoken, in order to allow me to concentrate 3) the sounds are either those that reach a particular decibel level, or those that come from caucasian men or women.

      Does this sound like misophonia? Am I just expressing annoyance — how does one tell the difference? I’m going to share this with my psychiatrist of course – I actually thought what was going on was some type of cataplexia, but perhaps that’s because I hadn’t encountered a description of misophonia as yet.

      It’s pretty weird, ya’ll. No genetic history of my family of any mental illness to speak of, but, I smoked a bunch of weed when I was younger (heh).

      In case anyone is familiar with some kind of brain imaging that would explain my situation (I’ve had an MRI and it came out negative) perhaps showing brain activity – and how to obtain said study, let me know!

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      Hi Misophonic Dude, thanks for you post.

      So it’s hard to say for sure whether or not you have misophonia from this but what I would say is that (on the whole) I tend to find people know, straight away, that they have misophonia after reading a few paragraphs about the disorder.

      It is an extremely intense aversion to certain sounds and if you’re not getting that – and it’s more of an annoyance – then it may be something else.

      The reaction to sounds at a certain decibel level could indicate that you have hyperacusis (which is an aversion to sounds over a certain loudness).

      Anyway, I hope this helps and wishing you the very best with everything.

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