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    If nothing else, I want to put this here to at least share what I’m dealing with that others see it and can commiserate with me! Seriously! LOL

    The situation is that I live in a 2-story six-apartment building. I have been VERY lucky that the last couple of years, a guy lived next door who was so quiet I never knew he was there; it was like he wasn’t! The lady below me was loud until somewhat late for a while but never very late, and after I gave her a note she is now quiet and has been for months. The guy on the OTHER side of me has been there almost as long as I’ve been here and is about as quiet as the guy that used to be in the other apartment! So, I’ve been lucky, UNTIL now.

    The young couple that just moved in in place of the quiet guy are several things that are NOT good for me: night owls (which means they’re up all night, that’s the biggest thing), and on Fridays apparently, they have loud parties. So far they’ve only been here one Friday but I’m dreading tomorrow. 🙁 I gave them a note today to be quiet as possible after midnight when they have parties, etc, but knowing how they are, even super quiet will still be too loud for me. With the way my misophonia is, even though they’ve been pretty quiet at night, they still are up, and I hear little thuds here and there, like any normal person would do. Problem is, it sparks me on and prevents me from either getting to sleep or going into a deep sleep. I’m tired as hell today, and anxious and almost depressed, since i didn’t sleep last night, listening to the occasional light thuds over there and dreading being awakened if i DID fall asleep. There is always someone home so if the guy is gone, his girlfriend is there and probably doing something. when HE’S there, he walks around upstairs (in the loft that goes over my bedroom and rest of me apartment) and sometimes makes loud thuds. Using white noise didn’t help because i was so anxious that I couldn’t sleep, so I kept tossing and turning. Earplugs didn’t work either, although they helped drown out the noise. BUT then the silence got to me and I can’t sleep in silence!!!! I kid you not. I have to have my box fan going, but nothing else. My brain is literally a torturer.

    The thought of having to deal with this every single night for however many months they live here, and not knowing if whoever moves in after them will be any better, just puts me into a depression almost. I can’t even think about it.

    Obviously, asking them to sleep at night, or something else like that, is unrealistic and would never work. I wouldn’t want to make them rearrange their lives like that anyway.

    If this keeps up I will end up in the hospital with exhaustion. Not lying! I have considered trying melatonin; we will see if that helps.

    Does anyone have ANY other ideas that I can try that might possibly try? They just moved in and already I am at my wit’s end. It would be so much more easy to deal with if they just were totally quiet at night.

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