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      So, I’ve been staying with my parents due to divorce reasons…

      I love my mom and step-dad like no other. But, I can’t even get myself to hang around them because I feel like I’m living in a looney bin. My mom is 74 and my step-dad is 84, they have their own more important issues to deal with on an everyday basis, not including the consistent bickering that sometimes is loud enough to wake me up.

      But, these repetitive sounds they make are driving me up a wall. My dad makes this clicking sounds out of his mouth that he calls an unaware habit. To watch an hour and a half movie with him is tolerating him making a clicking sound 6-8 times. Even after I politely ask him to stop…. sometimes I need to leave so I don’t reach over and choke him.

      My mom on the other hand has a low toned tune humming issue that’s driving me batty…… even after I repeatedly ask her to stop, I still find her doing it….. it makes me want to reach down her throat and rip her tongue out of her mouth. I’m so aggravated that it makes me miserable to come out to their presence. And here I am, thankful that they took me in under a comfortable middle class living condition…. I feel like I’d be more comfortable living under a highway underpass.

      Then I go to work, and there is some lady who… I don’t even want to know this point because she’s ALWAYS singing Christian Spanish music when she walks by… that makes me want to punch a tooth out of her head for every tune she sings that I never asked to hear.
      And last… a good friend at work…. with (no teeth). 😧 eats lunch with me every day…. so, to sit within a 10′ perimeter of him warrants earphone to tolerate the worse than a cow chewing noise he makes when eating….. anything. So I wound up spending a couple of hundred dollars on a mini projector and 50″ screen that we setup and stream movies and TV, for enjoyment and for me to drown out the lip-smacking next to me for a half an hour a day.

      Frankly, if no one response I’ll be just as satisfied because it feels good just having a spot to vent to where people understand.. because I feel like I’m going crazy keeping it in.

      Another weird part about it is that for most of the noise I hear, it sounds like it’s aimed at my right ear… so, if I put one ear plug in my ear all the time, 70% of the noise wouldn’t bother me.

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        OTC anti-anxiety supplements include:
        Lithium orotate
        Lithium aspartate
        Fish oil
        Algae oil
        Canned sardines also have epa/dha
        Sam- e
        Betaine also known as trimethylglycine
        B complex vitamins

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          Hey, I understand! Lately certain noises have been making me way way worse than usual! No idea why and nothing is helping! It takes every ounce of self restraint that I can muster not to go postal on people! It can be pretty isolating which I suspect makes it even worse when I am around people. I wish I knew what to do to help everyone! Smh!

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