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    Isabella sande

      I just found this website today and I’m so thankful. I don’t recall ever having problems with noises growing up. I started noticing it when I was a young adult. That is when I started getting migraines (The migraines where the optic nerve is being pressed on) So I am wondering if it has to do something to do with that? Or, I am really wondering if it has to do with injuries. Although, I am of European descent so it could be hereditary.

      I noticed that I was very troubled with certain noises after two events that happened when I was in my upper teens…first, my eardrum burst And I couldn’t hear very well for a while. I’ve been told it looks scarred now.

      Secondly, sometime in that year, very violent repeated physical abuse happened to my head (in one event) from a messed up family member.

      This was a devastating thing. I saw flashing lights in my eyes for years after that. I came to learn From a psychologist that I suffered from some kind of brain damage but by the grace of God I have no psychological disorders and am still at the same intellectual level that I was before.

      So after all that is when I started to intensely dislike certain types of crinkling plastic or paper. All I know is it’s so relieving to know there is a name for this. I appreciate reading about people I can relate to.

      I especially am taking notes on how it’s important to not get angry internally at the individual that’s creating the noise. I mean logically I know they’re not at fault but during the actual noise, the noise makes me intensely not like being around that person. I sometimes tend to see them in a negative light during the noise. I logically tell myself there’s no way they can know and they have every right to do what they’re doing but it still bugs the heck out of me.

      So I’m looking forward to the reinforcement of making sure to not see the noisy people as negative. However in the moment it’s kind of hard to avoid temporary thoughts of “Could they be any more noisy?” or “It is so quiet in this waiting room how can they be making so much crinkling noise when it’s as quiet as can be otherwise?”

      Well yeah some people could use more discretion in quiet areas however it’s really not their fault that it’s driving me nuts. I know this but it still the aggravates me during the 45 minutes of nonstop crinkling every time the crinkling family takes candy or nuts out of the multiple bags in the very quiet waiting room.

      So that’s what finally made me look on my cell phone to figure out what is happening here and that’s when I found this Forum thank you!

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