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    A quick intro: I’m Tim, currently in my 30’s and having misophonia and attention deficit disorder since I can remember.

    Lately it feels like it is way harder to control. Since we have a 1 month old baby which is actually awesome for most of the time but I can’t leave rooms or escape situation I could before. I’ve never experienced this inner rage and going into tears as soon as I can escape.

    My triggers:
    All eating sounds, movements of the mouth, lips, … (Main trigger, I can’t hold it for long especially when I’m not eating)
    Eating habbits (You bite once, you chew, you eat, you don’t bite twice)
    Hand gestures (It annoys me but it will not push me over the edge).
    When I’m focussed I don’t deal well with interruptions (ADD) this amplifies greatly with misophonia.

    I have explained it to my surroundings but this is getting harder, the topic is really off limits or they deny that they eat with their month open which makes it really hard to bring it up again.
    In general they eat worse when they think I don’t notice, as soon as they notice they ‘behave’, which triggers some deep feeling of disrespect.

    Things I tried:
    Headphones (not really respected by others and it is not helping with the visual triggers)
    Leaving (best feeling in the world, but not always possible)
    Scheduling my eatings (this works great, but not always possible)
    Had some counseling (didn’t help me, as a result it comes down to accept that the sounds is there, I can’t)

    Anything that might help I’m willing to try.

    As a final note, I’m pretty happy with all other things in life 🙂

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    Hello Tim,

    I have an idea that might help you. Instead of wearing headphones, how about earplugs? They are much more discreet. You might have already tried this but if not hopefully earplugs will help you. I’m in school, and earplugs often help during tests.

    In terms of eating, if you are eating with someone you are comfortable with, try putting on background music. It may not completely erase the sounds, but it will help.

    My triggers are all related to the nose, sniffing, snorting, sneezing, etc. As mentioned before I use earplugs, and I hope that they can help you.

    Best of luck.

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    I have begun using an OTC antidepressant called sam- e, short for s-adenosyl – methionine. I have 200 mg pills. Few weeks of 1/4 pill per day, few weeks of 1/3 pill per day, now I’m up to 1/2 pill per day. First thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Doesn’t make it go away but takes some of the edge off. I have also been using betaine aka trimethylglycine or TMG. I worked slowly up to 1 tsp per day early in the morning. I also need my docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and EPA , and these you can get either from fish oil or algae oil or just eating a lot of canned sardines– I eat almost one can almost every day. I am also considering trying low dose OTC lithium orotate or lithium aspartate. I have been eating a lot of potatoes because they are supposed to be high in lithium.

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