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    I just found this forum and I’m not really sure how this works. I’ve been struggling with this for a while. My trigger is the sound of people eating, and sometimes people bouncing their feet and legs. My family doesn’t seem to understand; they just make fun of me and tell me to get over it. Is that even possible? Will I ever be able to eat with my friends without having to cover my ears or put headphones in? Will I ever not have to find excuses not to eat with certain people? I would appreciate any help you guys can give. Should I tell my counselor and see if she has any advice, or will she think I’m crazy too?

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    We have such similar stories!!! I have had misophonia for a while and I have the same triggers as you do. I also deal with a few visual triggers such as people using toothpicks or touching their mouths. Years ago I told a close friend that I had misophonia…even tho it was really scary and they just told me that “Google will diagnose you with anything”. From that point on, I haven’t even mentioned it to anyone. I completely sympathize with your plight at the dinner table…I have the same problem! My mom claims that the noise of people chewing annoys her, and yet (PLEASE SKIP THIS PART IF THE MENTION OF TRIGGERS IS TRIGGERING) she and my dad continue to have entire conversations with their mouths full of food!
    Personally, I just try to eat as quickly as possible and immediately go for my room. I would suggest using headphones and turning on some white or brown noise to calm you down after the panic. I generally just lay on my bed listening to music or white noise for about ten minutes until my family has finished eating and I am no longer disgusted and enraged. Unfortunately, this isn’t always a viable option if you’re at school or work.
    I don’t know if your councilor will completely understand your situation. Most people cannot comprehend the idea of misophonia and it may be confusing for them. Aside from giving you a separate room to eat in during school or something like that, I’m not sure what they could do for you.
    Haha sorry this is so long but I have one more thing to say! I found that, personally, when I am under an extreme amount of stress my misophonia gets increasingly worse. If you would not like to feel intense anger or disgust at chewing noises around your friends, maybe try to be in a calm and peaceful state of mind first. Sleep also helps me control my misophonia as well as HEAPS OF PRAYER
    Anyway; best wishes Emily! 💖

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    I have the exact same thing, and the just get over it comes up a lot too. Luckily my family and read into it and let me eat alone. but whats getting me now as it gets worse as you get older is traffic noise. and that is something i cant escape and my hair is starting to fall out from constant stress due to unwanted noise.

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