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    One streessful thing to do during any holiday is knowing everyone is going to be chewing EVERYWHERE in my mother’s house as I’m visiting. My brother in law constantly crunching chips, my elderly father chewing annoyingly while having breakfast, my sister snoring at nights, my mom cleaning all the time and the sound of the clanking dishes.

    All this things trigger so much anger I just want to throw something at them because it’s that annoying and they think I’m crazy because it bothers me so much.

    I’ve found not eating in the dinner table just works fantastic lol. Just eating later and helping in the kitchen or doing other things while everyone is eating loudly at the table. If that isn’t a thing I can do I just put some
    Music on or if there is music on I turn it up louder( tv or whatever appliance is near)

    This sucks for everyone that has misophonia. This is a real thing. I wish there was a cure for it but if anyone is looking for tips in how to cope with the horrible disease that is what has kinda worked for me in situations like this.

    And for the movies I just go to a very earlie movie and avoid weekends or late movies. I don’t go to premiers, I sit on the last row if possible so no one taps my chair and whoever is munching on nachos is at least 20 yards from where I am even tough I can still hear them I just try try try to sit as far away as possible.

    What are do things that have worked for you guys with misophonia?

    Happy holidays!

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