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      Hello, I’ve joined this site because I suspect my son may have misophonia or something similar. He has been having problems not only with sounds, though, but with the feel of things too. They all affect his behaviour and (very likely) stress levels. He’s 8. I don’t seem to see any posts about people with children with this issue, so I wonder if there is anyone out there who have joined for the same reason as I have? Some of his triggers: paper is a big one. He hates the feel and the sound of touching it or the sound of people writing with pencil; he doesn’t mind eating sounds except for when people eat apples; he doesn’t like the feel or sound of pizza boxes or kitchen roll (paper towels); the feel of extra flour on bread; and recently the sound of walking on snow. If we can distract him to some extent he can get past some of these things, and he deals with paper and pencils while he’s at school but can’t cope at home. So some of his symptoms sound familiar to what others write on this forum about misophonia, but then his other symptoms don’t. If anyone has any insight I’d greatly appreciate it.

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        Hi Jennifer,
        I am new to this forum too and very relieved to find someone else with a young sufferer!

        It seems that both our children have sensitivities that are affecting their daily life, although quite different on the face of things I can completely understand how their anxiety is associated….just different triggers I suppose?
        I’m sure you will also understand how difficult it is to apply the general coping techniques of this forum to a child. It’s one thing trying to help yourself with this condition and another to be responsible for someone else’s suffering. Im feeling such a pressure to help our daughter with this now as we are starting to understand the impact it may be having on her social & academic development and as she grows.
        Although her triggers are more mouth related sounds & visual of eating mouths we are also starting to realise that are likely to be many more layers.
        She has always been very easily distracted by noise…whether that’s a common trait with this condition?? She has dropped choir as they Sing “too loud”. She has struggled in last year of learning as the classroom could be noisy & the teacher spoke on a very loud level.
        Unfortunately her 14yr old brother is the main target of her rage which is creating huge tension particularly at the dinner table and causing a big rift in their relationship too!

        This is difficult & very complex for sure, so very happy just to be a support & someone to have a rant with!!
        Take care, Michelle.

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