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      During the early morning i feel very much uncomfortable when i suddenly realize that a clicking sound or metalic sound is coming from my celling fan….The sound is normally avoided by other person in my room…but when i go to the other room of my hostel i feel quite comfortable as their celling fan rotates smoothly without producing that sound… I have changed my celling fan but unfortunately the new one also having the same disgusting sound😖😭… I do not hav other sound irritation…no hyperacusis…no depression… Only problem is i cant sleep in the early morning…. What should i do?

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        I don’t even have a fan, because of the same reason, I sleep with my room on lockdown and I wear earplugs and sometimes that doesn’t even help.
        I wouldn’t suggest just to remove it, but that’s your choice :3

        Or wear earplugs, they are life saving, trust me.

        If you ever want to talk, just tell me 😊

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