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      What do people do who are affected by dogs barking? I feel like a prisoner in my home, afraid to go out lest I have to face the sound in my neighbourhood. The problem is mostly managed ok when I’m at home through white noise, however, I’m uncomfortable going out on to my balcony also. Has anyone had any luck with exposure therapy? Was thinking about offering to walk people’s dogs as a way to develop some empathy for them (the dogs and their owners). Any advice at all, gratefully received. Would prefer not to have to wear earphones/earplugs everytime I step outside! Thank you.

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      Hi Xanthe, I get VERY affected by dog’s barking. We have a dog in the office, who I love, but she barks every time the buzzer goes which nearly gives me a heart attack.

      The most recent studies suggest that misophonia is a neurological disorder not a behavioural one. So in terms of ‘exposure therapy’ this is unlikely to have any positive impact – and the process itself would likely cause some distress.

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        I had to go to the council to complain about a neighbour’s dog. You can get high pitch sound devices for dogs if you dont think they are too cruel! Or training clickers may help? I sometimes do a whistle when dogs are barking.

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          I am currently dealing with a neighbors barking dog which is just upsetting me to the point where my husband and I are discussing moving. Animal Services has been to see these people twice, both times the dog has stopped…for a few days…then gradually starts barking more and more until it becomes hours at a time. I think this would bother even someone without our issues! I don’t know what to do.

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            Have a recording of a vicious dog and play it so the dog can hear or cat sounds. It might get the dog or try a dog sonic device. Let’s know what you do and how you get on!

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