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      I’ve often thought that there could be a link between these two. If Misophonia is a sound that causes pain and anger, and ASMR sounds create pleasure and relaxation, maybe the two are equal and opposite conditions? They both seem to be random sounds that are “normal” to other people, they both invoke a physical and an emotional response, and they both differ in triggers and severity from person to person. Does anyone else in the Misophonia community also experience ASMR?

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        Yes absolutely. I think the same neurological factors that elicit shivers and chills when hearing great music or soothing ASMR tickle sounds also maske us sensitive to invasive noises. I. Can’t stand chevron beepy gas pumps and McDonald’s French fry beepers. But I love music even with playful beepy sounds….

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          A lot of people with miso seem to like ASMR as well, as they seem to be two extremes (hatred and love of certain sounds). I have been listening/watching a lot of ASMR videos recently as I work at home, and all I hear are sounds that annoy me all the time and I’m trying to calm myself down or block them out.
          I feel like constantly exposing myself to ASMR makes me really tired and irritable when I’m not watching or listening to these videos. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed if an over-exposure to asmr reduces a tolerance to infuriating noises somehow? Maybe it’s too much of a good thing?

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