Are there others who have visual and tactile triggers along with auditory?

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    Hello everyone, I am fairly new to knowing that there is a name for the thing I have been experiencing for years, but almost everything I find about misophonia only covers auditory and visual triggers. I have a few of the common auditory triggers such as chewing, scratching, slurping, and sniffling. And while my visual triggers are not often listed, they are what you would expect, small, repetitive movements. (One example is when closed captioning for a program or video moves in a way like a rectangular prism and rotates 90 degrees backwards to disappear so new words can appear by rotating 90 degrees around the same axis. I can not watch a show if this is how the cc works. I know this is a random one, but I think it gets the point across as to what I mean as small repetitive movement).

    Anyways, as for my tactile triggers, it is small repetitive feelings. Like a common one for me is when I am reading a longer document or article on my computer and I have to scroll over and over again. I have a severe reaction to the repetitive feeling/motion of this. Please let me know if I am misinformed and this is not actually misophonia.

    So, here’s my question: Is there anyone else who has visual or especially tactile trigger?

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    Hey there,
    I also struggle with visual triggers as part of my Misophonia. I’ve done some research on it and while it appears that it’s somewhat common with Misophonia strugglers. Mine are when people continuously rub/move their feet while sitting/laying down, watching people chew gum even if I can’t hear them, and sometimes even people reading sometimes triggers me as well. These situations make me especially mad as my headphones can’t save me, I usually do my best to block it from view or in extreme cases I close my eyes and try to meditate as these situations tend to cause me severe anger and anxiety.
    So, no, you’re not alone, and as for tactile triggers, I’ve also read a few accounts of people with Misophonia struggling with these , although they appear to be a bit more rare. Hope this helped.

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    I also have some visual triggers. The website – – talks about it as “misokenesia” and lists some examples of visual triggers. Complicated, since like you said, can be challenging to “not see” something. I also think people are less understanding of this than they are of auditory triggers.
    I personally am not familiar with tactile triggers but it sounds possibly related to misophonia, especially since you describe the triggers as often with repetitive feelings

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    Yes! Chewing gum is one of the big ones even if you can’t hear it. And seeing someone read with their lips. My husband constantly moves his thumbs back & forth whether it’s while he’s driving or sitting across from me during meals. I’ll try to move a drinking glass where I can’t see it or hold my hand up a certain way to block from seeing it. He also moves his hands back & forth at the wrist when his arms are dangling by his sides. When I was a child my mother would put her arm across the front seat in the car and dangle her hand and her fingers would jerk back & forth. I hate myself for all of this but of course, I don’t know how to make it stop. The creepy, crawly feeling inside when I see it.

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    I have Misophonia and have tactile and visual triggers too. Just wrote a longer response but an error occurred when submitting. The point was that yes it seems to be a thing with a lot of Miso’s. Having a combo of audio/tactile/visual.

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    yes,’s awful

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    Lone Wolf

    I feel like I’ve found my people here.

    Auditory: Hearing someone talk with their mouth full ties with smacking/popping gum as the worst for me. Hearing chewing, some droning noises (leaf blower/bathroom exhaust fan), guys whistling or singing in the locker room, some repetitive noises like a dog barking or cat meowing over and over (although I love dogs and cats).

    Visual: Seeing someone chewing (god help me if they’re blowing a bubble), people who “talk with their hands” (excessive gesturing, although someone signing doesn’t bother me), fidgeting in general.

    No tactile that I’m aware of.

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