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      Hi all,

      I’ve been suffering with this for years. Although never been formally diagnosed it makes perfect sense. It seems now that each apartment I move into more and more noises bother me and it is getting worse and worse. Is it possible people are this inconsiderate or is it just the misophonia!? Either way I’m driven practically insane these days. I use alcohol (and food) to temper the anger and anxiety I feel from triggers which seems to help. I want to be healthy but I suffer from overstimulation everywhere! Work and home. I need reprieve! I just want peace when I am taking a break between my two jobs or before bed in the comfort of my home. It is not possible with slamming doors, barking dogs, loud music or TV, loud talking, loud vehicles, etc. *Sigh* I wish I could afford a house with sound proofing!

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        Do you know the people doing it? If not maybe try make an effort to get to know them and this may make it easier for you to discuss this with them.

        When and where are the issues happening exactly

        For dog barking I strongly recomend going to the council and asking them to have a word. They are quite good at advising the owners.

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