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      Hi Everyone,
      My misophonia has really taken a toll on my marriage. My triggers include “K” and “T” sounds, as well as saliva sounds made by speech. And they are solely associated with my wife. So far I have tried the following:
      -lyrica and Zoloft
      -I went to an audiologist and received special
      Ear buds that make white noise with adjustable
      -the trigger tamer app
      -wearing ear plugs

      Some of these interventions have mildly lessened my misophonia, but none of them have lessened the impact this has had on my marriage. My wife is very supportive and understanding, but nothing I have tried has helped. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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      O. C.

        I, too, have a similar issue. Mine is “v” sounds and “th” sounds and “f” sounds. Mine is also only associated with one person, my mother. I went through cognitive behavioral therapy for two years, talked to a therapist once a week, and am prescribed Prozac to help. These things slightly reduced symptoms…but nothing significant. I have heard mixed reviews on exposure therapy, too, although I’ve never tried that. This may sound strange, but I always keep a worry stone in my pocket. I pull it out to occupy my physical body and focus my mind when I get angry at the noises she makes while speaking. It’s a distraction. Hope this helped.

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