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      This takes place when I was thirteen and in middle school. I had, and still have, four main triggers: sniffling, coughing, gulping, and slurping.

      We had our standardized testing around April, and an illness was spreading like wildfire around the school. I had to sit in the same classroom with about seven sick people for a couple hours everydat of my life for a week. When we all sat down, ready for the test, the sniffling started. Someone was AWFUL and it sounded like the most JUICY sniffle you’d ever hear. During the math test (Im terrible at math) it was unbearable and I broke down in tears (which half of my friends in the class were already doing because they too hate math). I told my mom and she told me I have to find a way to distract myself.

      Do you have any tips on distracting oneself from their triggers?

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