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      My trigger is whistling. I can turn off TV commercials and songs with whistling. In stores and such, I can walk away. But at work, I’m TRAPPED. Here’s the problem, I don’t think anyone should whistle at work. Ever. It’s not like it’s inadvertent. You don’t have to whistle. It’s a choice. Would anyone break out in song or start tap-dancing at work? No. It’s just plain rude!!! Bosses have looked at me like I’m crazy or a creep when I’ve asked them to do something like make an overall policy of no whistling. I’m afraid of approaching the work whistlers for the same reason. Friends and family know my condition and refrain from it around me. I’m currently working from home but I resent that I have to. Has anyone else dealt with whiztling? Does anyone agree with me?

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        Hello Kat,
        You are totally right. I had the same problem with a colleague of mine in the office. He used to climb up the stairs loudly whispering and continue in the entire office. Finally I lost my patience and shouted at him and we came to face to face. After a while we all calmed down and apologised to each other, in the end he doesn’t whistle anymore. Mine can’t be the best solution but I do agree with you.

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          I am having similar problems at work with a colleague who snacks loudly all day, sings at the top of her voice and taps her feet. I’ve had whistling also from her – I agree probably the most piercing, shrill of all the noises. I really understand how sad and stressed this is making you.

          Are you able to try noise cancelling earphones or earplugs at work? I am looking for suggestions for ones that limit annoying noises whilst allowing people still to communicate with you? might not be possible.

          Another thought, could you say that you have tinnitus and whistling triggers a painful bout? I can’t imagine anyone will be very sympathetic about misophonia (from experience) but as tinnitus is seen as more ‘medical’ and ‘physically afflicting’ – you could say this? it’s a lie but your priority has to be your well being.

          awful stupid inconsiderate people. So unfair.

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            YES! “Whistle While You Work” is a lovely song from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but don’t practice it in the office, people!

            From what I gather, that gets annoying even for people without misophonia. I heard someone say once – I think it was a comedian – “Ever notice that whistling is enjoyable only to the person who’s doing it?”

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              I whistle back at them, as in the hello there whistle, every time it gets ridiculous and try smiling through gritted teeth. It usually gets you off their Christmas list, but at least the whistling usually stops.

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                I’ve recently moved do to work changes and the office I work now there’s just one whistler who whistles just occasionally now. I lost my previous battle (nothing worked so just glad of the move). I’m going with the pantomime booooo tactic. Will keep everyone posted how I get on ;).

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                Anne Marie

                  ComPLETELY agreed.

                  I started hating whistling about a month ago… I can’t belive how much I took for granted the time when I could listen to people whistle freely.

                  Last year, a woman came into the place I work (a cafe..) and suddenly started yelling at my boss, said he would never get any business if he ever whistled like that again so loudly in the cafe. I was very confused, as was my boss, after she stormed out, and my boss cracked a couple of jokes about it.

                  Now, every time he whistles off key to the terrible rock songs he loves I think of that woman, and I silently empathize with her, and I wish I could have talked with her when I understood her struggle.

                  Maybe she was a grumpy old lady, but if her aversion to whistling was due to misophonia then I pray for her!

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                    My pantomime booing or whistling back at them has been working a treat!

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