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    I have a 35 year old son who has suffered from misophonia for approximately 20 years. As a young boy he would smell everything. As he got older he went through night terrors and as he was reaching puberty he started developing tics. He had a drug addiction in his late teens and in that time misophonia took hold. I have read about the parents being impatient and angry at the meals. We have not eaten at the table with our son in years. He puts in his earbuds and eats in a room by himself. This is fine with us, we try to accomodate him as much as we can. My husband is an angry man, it was never directed at my son, but it was directed at my daughter and myself. I believe that this is the kind of environment that is ripe for misophonia. It is along the same line as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)…behaviors that have developed from reactions to trauma and abuse in their environment. Stomping feet, angry voices, people running for protection. As a small child this would be very hard to cope with. Usually the misophonia child will grow to an adult who does not understand their feelings and emotions and often reacts in abnormal ways. They end up being very isolated. I believe that this is a developed behavior, such as hording, OCD, etc. and has everything to do with one or both parents or main caregivers. The misophonic has been emotionally abused, in my opinion. Let me know what you think.
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