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    I have a similar problem with my parents, but as well as getting upset, they are now angry too. The worst part is that they understand it’s misophonia, that I can’t control it and they know what’s causing it. Ive told them multiple times politely to try and eat more quietly, and while they seem to care, they never do eat quietly. Example: I told my dad about this, and the very next day, he slurped a soup he was drinking – something which even five year olds can manage not to do, and so loudly that I can hear them eating from metres away. When they chew loudly, I sulk, and their response is to tell me to stop sulking and they sometimes even shout at me. While I can understand their being upset, I cannot understand their frustration with me. They are the sole cause of this and they get angry because I am unhappy with them? I am not shouting at them or being aggressive. They are even angry when I try to leave the room. This situation is very difficult for me. Please could anyome suggest a solution?