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    I work in a hospital as a supervisor, so people are unavoidable in my field. I’m extremely lucky in that I’ve been able to talk to my office mates and boss and let them know about my miso so that they can try to help accommodate it. My boss is a gum popper/smacker, but she no longer chews gum around me. She has also excused me from certain meetings because they’re too long for me to tolerate without going crazy. I’m not sure that there’s a safe industry out there (although a library is a good suggestion), but you might find people will try to be more accommodating than you expect if you try to explain it to them. Coughing and babies crying is tough though, that can’t always be helped, even if they mean well.

    As for job ideas, what about a delivery driver? Pizza, car parts, etc… you’d at least be alone during your trips.