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I’ve struggled with sounds since I was a little kid – I’m now 40. My parents described me as moody and bitchy child – I couldn’t tell them that the sounds of their eating and simple breathing were making me freakin’ insane! I hate squeaking, eating sounds, nose breathing/whistling, sounds of fabric rubbing, feet dragging, flip flops, shoe clicking and tapping, gum chewing, and on and on. I’m currently boycotting a certain grocery store because they won’t fix their squeaky front door (it’s REALLY loud and you can hear it throughout the entire store). I’ve complained about it and even wrote a note but they won’t fix it so I had to stop going there. It’s TORTURE to me. I get panicked when I’m trapped somewhere where I have to listen to torturous sounds – sweating, anger, rage and nauseousness. I feel like I’m going to explode with anxiety. Certain movements also drive me into a state of frenzy – feet rubbing together for instance – when someone has their feet (bare feet especially freak me out) on a coffee table and wont stop writhing and flexing and rubbing them together – UGH!!! The way some people hold their utensils when they eat drives me nuts. All of these things have ruined a lot of relationships for me because I just can’t stand to be in the same room with another person making noises. Somehow I’ve stayed married for 10 years but it’s been extremely rough on me. How I cope most days – there are these earplugs that are called Hearos (Walgreens or Amazon has them) that have been my savior. They’re sort of skin colored so not super noticeable. I cut them in half so I can stuff them in my ears without them sticking out. People never notice them and if they do they think it’s some medical reason – ear infection or something. I ALWAYS have earplugs in my pockets and almost always have to wear them when I’m in close proximity to other people. If I need them and have forgotten to put some in my pocket for the morning, it’s complete PANIC! At work I share an office with a fairly quiet person but I’ve picked up on all her little noises and they have slowly started to drive me crazy. To cope with that I have to wear headphones most of the time.
My life is just a daily torture from sounds and annoying movements. Some days I wish I was deaf and blind just so I can get some peace for a change…