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    I have to leave the situation.. I’ll get up and go to the bathroom or get a drink or something if I can… but sometimes I’ll be in a meeting and someone will be eating breakfast or lunch or a snack (yes I work in a company where that’s normal) and that is altogether insanely frustrating. The stress in those situations is unbearable, regardless of mindfulness or breathing or anything.

    In that scenario I actually start sweating with anger/frustration and I just try to rush the meeting as much as possible to get out early, or else I’ll excuse myself as if I have a meeting clash. It sucks but I’d ruin my professional relationships if I lashed out verbally!!

    I’ve yet to find something to control it. My girlfriend knows my ticks and if they happen we both laugh at my frustration, she sometimes does things (like brushing teeth & talking to me) deliberately to tease, and that’s helped a little I guess in making it more playful!

    I think if more people knew about this issue they would be more conscious of what they do around others!