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My main triggers are loud TV’s or Radios. Whether its my neighbours from downstairs or next door, music from people over the road or further away, radio/music from cars driving past etc….

Occasionally its people rustling, crunching or chewing too loudly. The cinema is a no go area for me.

Snoring is another, to the point where I go and sleep in the spare room.

These are my main triggers. I do have very good and maybe too sensitive hearing but a lot of it is avoidable if people were more considerate too. Mostly, seeing as I cannot control a lot of the external noises that drive me mad, I’d love to learn some effective ways of dealing or coping with it. I’ve asked neighbours to turn things down but after a few days it goes back to normal again and I don’t want to keep going round.

My coping strategies are: turning my own TV up, putting the air conditioning or heating on as the white noise type sound of them both helps block other noises out. In summer I can put fans on. Do some clothes washing so the machine blocks stuff out. Or I just try to go out for a bit and hope the noises have stopped when I come home. At night I use a combo of earplugs and a white noise app on my phone.

I’ve got angry before and have confronted the downstairs neighbour once. Not aggressively though, just cordially.

I’d love to be able to cope with things like neighbour noise, crunching, chewing and snoring without having to use things on myself like earplugs, make my own noise to block others etc…

I just want to go to sleep naturally or sit and watch my TV without feeling anxious waiting for my neighbours to watch theirs too loud.