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    Hi, I just recently that this is a noted condition, Until then I just thought there was something seriously wrong with me and how could be such an anti-social person in certain environments.

    Eating noises is a big one, playing music from phones in public areas, tapping, sniffling, plus the myriad of other noises that set it off. I never go anywhere without ear plugs and will also quite often wear ( shooting sound blocking )headphones over the top to try to block it out.

    On one business class flight, a passenger on the other side of the cabin was doing a disgusting loud sniff every 5 minutes, I had to have music earphones playing the whole flight, either that or throw him out of the plane. When the cabin staff asked me to turn my music off I politely asked them to ask him to shut up as he had done it the whole flight and was driving me nuts. They left me with the music.

    The problem is avoiding situations and places such as cinemas ( anyone get the trepidation of even going knowing some idiot will noisily eat popcorn or use their phone or eat boiled sweets that come in plastic wrappers ) I pick last week of the film and something like Tuesday first viewing hoping the place is empty. Desocialises you and is not good for healthy living but neither is going nuts.

    Any tips that work will be welcome please.

    Even my girlfriend ensures she carries earplugs in all her bags incase I accidently didn’t have any, and she will go into a shop before me to check the sound is ok. if not we don’t go.

    Any café or restaurant needs vetting re the sound, it’s a pain for the partners, but she understands ( most of the time )

    good luck to us all.