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    I’m allergic to ppl ratting sounds ..well any. kind of mouth noise except for breathing.
    Every meal me n my parents would sit at the table together they had horrable “mouth” table manners. But I would tell them they sounded gross or to chew with their mouths closed n stop talking with their mouths full. After telling them so many times I actually taught them to never make a noise while eatting. It was great. But from telling them about all the noice they make they now notice it all the time with other ppl. They think it sounds like a cow but it doesn’t bother them like it does me. Sometimes it gets so bad for me I cry n feel like actually rippling out my hair. My husband is a hog n gets posses if i say anything to him anymore so I can’t say anything at night when I’m sleeping I’ll get woken up by him sucking on a popsicle which he makes the most annoying weirdest noices I have to cover my head with the blanket so he doesn’t see me hold my ears shut until I fall back to sleep. He will even go get more. He’s addicted to popsicles. N he addicted to cereal n will get this big ass bowl n eat like he’s starving he will even make these little moan noises while ratting like wtf you starving n when he gulps sounds like he didn’t even chew his food sounds weird as shit. I hate it soooooo much I wanna kill him especially since I have to keep my mouth shut about it. Ps I woiuldnt ever really kill him but ya I know what I mean. When he eats I don’t even like him he disgusts me I don’t want to even touch him. But then I’m fine n like him when he’s not eating lol. I have to remove myself or cover my ears but I can still hear it when I close my ears so I have to push in and out on my ears so I can block some of it out. Ugh fml right. Why do we have to have this. My sister had it to so might run in the family. I don’t think there will ever b a cure to something like this.