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      For me it’s mostly eating sounds (specifically slurping and the inhaling of food) and sniffling. Recently though I discovered that my coworker’s OCD need to continuously turn the dial on and then rattle their cabinet about five times before they can walk away is setting me off terribly (and if they are interrupted in any way they have to start again). It’s one problem slamming headfirst into another. I’ve gotten into the habit of trying to be out of the area when that person is getting ready to leave the office and I ear earphones when eating with my family.

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        Co worker, constantly eating, the mouth movement, on the other side, I have people doing little jumps when their bum gets sore, singing away to the radio. One keeps shouting “Awsome” every few mins and saying “Know what I mean?”. Argh!!!

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          Ever since I was between 11 and 13, the sounds of dogs chewing themselves, like an itch, or licking themselves drove me up the wall. I would always have to yell at my dog to stop licking because my body was filled with rage at the sounds of a dog licking or chewing. I love dogs, cats and overall an animal lover, but it’s specificallt dogs licking or chewing that triggers me to go from 0 to 60 in a heartbeat. It saddens me that I often yell at a dog or pat their nose to get them away from chewing or licking. They should be able to do whatever they want; they’re dogs for goodness sacks but for whatever reasons, this noise and the visuals trigger me and although I don’t have a dog as an adult, I have a hard time visiting friends or family because everyone has a dog and I feel like I’m constantly looking or listening for their dog to lick and chew and how I’m going to react in a polite manor. Often times I go to the bathroom and accidentally trip on the dog to get them to stop or move away. It saddens me that I have to stoop to this level but the noise triggers me to want to anything in order to stop the noise. It’s so tough and it wasn’t until this week when I came across “Misophonia” and could find a group of people I can relate too when everyone around me thinks I hate dogs.

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            My co-worker drives me crazy with her lunch. The clinking of the bowl while she slurps up her lunch. She has to eat an apple EVERY afternoon and it drives me nuts.

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              Misophonia has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. It put a wedge between my core family and myself as they could not understand how painful and upsetting their sounds were to me. Many times my mother would get mad at me for showing disgust or my brother would enhance the sounds to deepen the wounds these sounds caused. My father would simply laugh in my face. I learned to avoid everyone and never…ever let on that a sound bothered me. I learned to disassociate during meal times as a child.
              My Trigger List
              nose whistle or hiss
              Close breathing
              Slurping foods
              Smacking lips
              Licking of any kind by any creature
              Sticky spit sound
              The sound of the air in a persons mouth when they put a chip into their mouth and are about to crunch into it (weird I know)
              Anything cracking or crackling including a fire
              Clicking sounds
              NAILS CLACKING ON A TABLE!!! (even the word clacking)
              High Heels
              Fat thighs in pantyhose rubbing together when a person walks
              Any clothing sounds at all
              Paper tearing
              Sucking teeth
              some keyboards
              the sound of a plastic straw going in and out of a plastic lid
              Straws sucking the last drop of something
              Accents with my area accent being the most annoying

              When I was a child I would react to hearing someone with a thick accent by becoming embarrassed even if the person talking wasn’t a part of the group I was in or talking to me or someone with me. Over the years this embarrassed reaction continued but now includes anger and a judgment about the persons intelligence. I try hard to deal with this, but instead found isolation to be safest. I kept my feelings to myself and never shared this part with anyone. What shocked me was overhearing 2 of my children talking about how much they loathed to hear accents. These same two children (Male and Female) also have misophonia. My daughter and her husband were chatting with my husband and myself exchanging stories. My daughter related a story of when her husband began eating a bowl of cereal next to her on the couch. She turned and looked at him like she wanted to kill him. My son in law said he got up and left the room to eat his cereal.My husband laughed and said he knew the exact look and does the same thing. It helped a lot to joke about it with people who got it and people who had empathy for my issues with sound. A last note is my son’s problem extends to the written word as well as audio sounds. He explained that he experiences the same type of anger over certain phrases being written as he does with someone smacking a piece of gum.

              My reactions to trigger sounds is anger. In my mind I feel disgust, rage, contempt….I resist striking out to hurt the person causing the sound because I know I am the one with the issue (according to society). I’m not interested in going through desensitization or management treatments… isolation works best for me.

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                The beep that rings in the car until I put my seatbelt on. Makes me insane.

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                  Here are a few of my many triggers:
                  -chewing/slerping/any other eating noise
                  -slime/asmr videos
                  -when people use a fake voice higher then their real one (lower for the most part is fine)
                  -unessisary repetitive banging/clicking/taping
                  -paper or cardboard rubbing against each other

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                    HI. I am new to this forum.

                    My trigger sounds are related to sounds coming form outside my home for some reason.

                    Music or TV sounds (no matter how loud or quiet they give me the same feelings)
                    Sound of neighbours air conditioner extractor fan.
                    Base music from parties (again can be far away).

                    These all set me off into a panic, sometimes a panic attack, I get hot, sweaty, raised heat rate, want to flee out o the house, I even start to shake and feel sick.

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                      I thought I was the only one that feels like crying when these noises bother me. People are always saying “oh everything bothers you”. I’m 55 and when I search my childhood memories I have always suffered nd felt something was wrong with me. My mother always would say oh your just nervous. How about some of these noises are just down right annoying. I feel like I’m cursed. I work with a lit of millennials and they are always clicking pens, playing with fidget items, tapping their feet, drumming on their desks, blaring music through headphones, I am drowning. I literally have no ability to block noises out..I have sores in my ears from using earplugs in and out all day or earphones. People just dont understand and they could careless. I feel like I’m the verge of exploding at times. I cant go to the movies cause I cant handle crinkling paper from candy wrappers, people eating popcorn or whispering. It makes you feel so isolated.

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                        Wow, it’s quite something reading what people are going through. I’m very similar to Jason, two posts up.

                        I live above a family of 3 and have always considered myself to have an issue with sound. Their tumble dryer runs 2-4 hours per day every day and it vibrates right through my flat. I can’t afford to move house so sometimes feel claustrophobic.

                        The sounds from neighbour apartments TVs also gets to me big time, but I recognise that this is flat living. It’s like I have some kind of learning disability understanding that other people make more noise than me

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                          My boss has awful table manners..(office work)

                          ‘Finger licking’
                          ‘Nose blowing’

                          You get all 3 multiple times throughout his meals (I’d rather hear a toilet getting flushed).

                          I feel the lack of people’s manners stems from how marketing has commercialized certain table manners..

                          Think ‘KFC’….finger licking good
                          Think ‘Pringles’ chips ‘CRUNCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH’

                          I personally can’t believe people have the nerve to blow their nose at the dinner table.
                          (I’m sure If I was to pop up a camping-portable toilet and drop a massive turtle head *POO* that they would NOT think it’s OK to do so).

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                          James thompson

                            My main problem is if I suddenly hear a loud bang. For instance a metal plate is dropped on the floor. I want to lash out at the offending object. It is a violent reaction believe me. In that period after the noise it’s so bad that were there a self destruct button handy I would press it
                            And when my other half crunches into an apple I have to vacate. …

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                              Cheap plastic water bottles being sucked dry, oh the crinkling makes me so angry I want to rip it out of their hands! Do the planet a favor and buy a reusable bottle! My husband going ummm, ummm, ummm, (three times, every time) when he takes a bite of something he likes, invariably while his mouth is full. This makes me want to cook sh*t for dinner so he doesn’t like it. My boss saying Okaaaaay? at the end of every other sentence. Nooooooo, it’s not Okaaaaay! Shut up! Shut up! You made a statement, not a question! Last but not least, the sound made when someone (my daughter) tries to suck the last nonexistent drop of a smoothie with a straw. Kill me now.

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                                I just found out about misophonia and i think i probably have a mild version… but my trigger sounds are not the typical ones (i don’t have any problems with eating sounds etc) and so i was just wondering if anyone else here shares them!!

                                I have issues with rough/coarse sounds and also often the tactile aspect. The noise of a thick-crust bread being cut into makes me feel really anxious and panicky, and I feel similarly about touching the crust, especially if there’s excess flour on it.

                                Basically any rough scraping, rubbing or scratching noises can set me off. also THE SOUND OF A STREETCLEANER (those big trucks with the brushes on the underside) makes my insides curdle.

                                Also I work in a bakery, so I don’t know if anyone can relate to this one but the sound of a bench knife on a wooden surface ERGH and i’ve tried to explain to my coworkers how intense my reaction is to that sound, but they just don’t get it and don’t really seem interested because i think they don’t even get that there’s something to get.

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                                  Interesting site, a condition I just learned of… I thought I was a loner in this problem. My triggers…

                                  Dog licking..ANYTHING, NOSE, FOOT, ANYTHING WITH THAT WET TONGUE

                                  I used to think I loved animals but now realize that they gross me out… Poop…peeing…yuk!

                                  Kissing and eating with your mouth open.

                                  Babies crying

                                  Children being loud

                                  Most music

                                  Sniffing and mucus, yuk!!

                                  These things drive me nuts, and my nerves are on edge. And I can’t act sweet under the pressure of these sounds.

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