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      +1 for high heels. There are a handful of women at school who wear high heels and walk like elephants. Of course I’m judgmental but in my world a person wearing high heels, known to be loud when walking, is the definition of an exhibitionist. This makes it an even harder trigger because I really hate exhibitionists. I never see the person because mostly the sound comes from the floor above but I picture this arrogant, extremely self centered person.

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      julio jaramillo

        I get triggered by soft or slow voices, being touched softly, and slow or weak movements, every time I see or hear somebody talking or moving in a soft manner I feel like my muscles loose their tone, my skin gets very sensitive to touch and everything feels like an unpleasant tickle, the layers of tissue beneath my skin feel gooey. I also get tired and feel weak. Many senses involved, but always the same reaction/effect

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          I am triggered mostly by mouth sounds, chewing smacking etc. One of my worst triggers, and about the only one that causes me to flee, is my husband flossing his teeth. Can. Not. Handle. Fortunately he is understanding (mostly) and leaves the room to floss his teeth.

          Another really weird trigger is the sound of tissue paper crinkling. This started several years ago and causes a physical reaction. I get a fluttering sound in my ears every time I hear that noise. It can also happen with plastic like sandwich bags or plastic wrap. Really bizarre. Has anyone else had anything like that happen? Sometimes the paper doesn’t even have to crinkle. I can just reach for it and the fluttering starts.

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          Julie W

            As with most everyone else, most mouth sounds are #1 with me. Slurping, smacking, crunching, swallowing, tooth sucking, throat clearing, gum popping/cracking, dry coughs. Also engine idling and crinkling wrappers.

            My latest thing is certain voices – especially those exhibiting “vocal fry”, nasally, whiney qualities.

            I’ve also noticed lately that I can’t stand certain visuals like people chewing their fingernails in my peripheral view. Although weirdly, it soothes me to see someone rubbing their hair or picking at/filing their fingernails. Even if I turn my back on someone chewing his nails, I keep thinking “is he still doing it?” I just can’t let it go until it stops even though I can’t see it.

            I also have a strange quirk about the feeling of certain textures against my skin. For instance, if my right hand touches something bumpy, my left hand will have to touch it to kind of “balance it out”. If my left foot gets wet, I’ll have to make sure my right foot gets wet.

            So many quirky things. No wonder I’m always tired, LOL!

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              My triggers are definitely ones that come from my family,
              My Dad specifically drives me crazy with the noises he makes,
              He has a throat clearing that he does extremely frequently and it often reduces me to tears, he bites his fork when he eats, he chews so loudly that I have to restrain myself from throwing something him and he also bites his nails so loudly just thinking about it triggers me.

              My Mum, for some reason my whenever my Mum yawns it unnerves me I hate it and it instantly ruins my mood.

              Also for some strange reason whenever my Dad has a hoarse voice I can not stand the way he sounds I’m angry just thinking about it.

              Noises bother me so much that when I’m alone in a room and I hear one of my trigger sounds from the other room I immediately slap my head really hard, it’s a very bad habit and I definitely need help coping with my triggers better

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                The sounds people make when they scrape forks or spoons on dishes while eating.
                Loud breathing makes me want to punch someone ..ugh..I will first ask if their nose is stuffed up before wanting to punch them 🙂 🙁
                Pets cleaning themselves….I lose it and either kick them out of the room or leave the room myself totally ticked off!

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                  The first one I started off with was burping. Yeah. That was fun. I thought I was being a little brat at first (I was 12 at the time) and suffered in relative silence for a couple years. Then the Time of Which We Do Not Speak started, with a crap dance instructor and mild bullying/social shaming/etc. That time added yawning to the mix. Then my dad’s chewing and coughing became a problem. At first, it was really only my parents. Then it spread to everyone else on this planet. So, a lovely total of four sounds/visuals (plus a couple minor ones, like forks on teeth, that I can deal with easily) that make me want to hit something or run out of the room crying, depending on my mood at the time of triggering.

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                    My dad eating his sweets wants me to run from the room. People who do a long and loud yawn. Its really hard to list as I always felt that the noises I hated everyone did too and was really surprised that no one else wanted to physically hurt the perpetrator because it just didn’t bother them!!
                    Sniffing, sneezing and any noise that can be emitted from peoples orifices, chewing gum, people getting the last bits of yogurt from the plastic pots a colleague uses one of the insulated disposable drinks cup to make her couscous in and then scrapes it out with a spoon ugh, my partner picking at his nails either hands or feet! motorcycles especially mopeds, kids who scream suddenly, high heels and flipflops on tiled floors, hedge cutters.

                    I don’t know if its part of it but I hate watching people do intricate things like icing a cake or surgery where they have to have a steady hand it makes me feel really weird. And Julie W you said that if you knock your left hand or feet you have to balance it out yeah me too!

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                      My reply was for the previous post about basketball – post 690?

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                        Yikes! How awful! Kid in the local park bounced a ball relentlessly – maddening – it stuck out against the background noise.
                        Living near a tennis court or football pitch would drive me nuts.

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                          >chewing (especially open mouth chewing)
                          >lip smacking
                          >certain foods being stirred (like macaroni, stew, etc.)

                          lip smacking is my major trigger. i sometimes get violent when my brother triggers my misophonia (he does it on purpose a lot). i twitch and before i know it i’m getting yelled at for smacking him upside the head.

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                            Basically it’s a lot and it doesn’t concerns everyone, sometimes noises about a specific person drives me insane while about other people I can manage quite normally
                            – cracking bones
                            – everything about nails against skin or bitten by mouth
                            – PAPER TISSUES I get shivers everytime I see/hear the sound of it ??? It repulses me to the point I can’t even wipe my mouth at the restaurant
                            – breathing sounds like when someone is out of breath or the kind of satisfaction sound when someone sits/relaxes I just want to shoot myself when I hear that
                            – sometimes moan sounds when someone is doing something that takes a lot of effort or just when someone sits ???? It’s unbearable, especially when it’s from my mom it makes me cringe so hard and I want to break things or choke myself.
                            – gulping sounds sometimes too
                            – the sound of skin plucked by nails too (if that makes sense) I just hate it

                            It’s so hard to overcome this I mean this evening I even threw stuffs and tensed all my muscles because the sounds are haunting me vividly for 1 to 3 minutes and nothing seems to calm me down I mean I’m aggressive and violent and I wish I was deaf sometimes…

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                            Taylor marie

                              Mine is the sound of a lot of talking at once, loud tv’s, or loud music, the sound of arguing, two or more people screaming, whining!

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                                One of my worst triggers is when my younger brother makes very repetitive ‘shooting noises’ with his voice when he’s playing video games, his room is right below mine, and sometimes I feel so furious that I just don’t want to be at home because I can’t do anything about it. It scares me how angry I get, I have to physically restrain myself from going downstairs and getting upset at him. I also can’t eat around other people, I never eat with my family anymore, I eat alone and if I do eat around people it makes me feel so overwhelmed and frustrated. I don’t know what to do to make it better. 🙁

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                                  Lately, I’ve been extremely irritated at the sound of stomping, from inside and outside of my home. I honestly can’t tell if my roommate is stomping on purpose but he walks on his heels and it sounds like a thunderclap every time he steps. My neighbor is pretty loud too. Back when I lived with my parents, my family would also walk on their heels, which was intensified by the wood floor.

                                  Someone mentioned the sound of basketballs bouncing and I have a vague memory of disliking that too. But, it’s been a while since I heard someone bouncing a ball on the street. For some reason, it’s only irritating when I’m inside and I hear faint noises outside. When I’m at a sports complex and I hear hundreds of basketballs bouncing at once, I’m not bothered at all.

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