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    I thought it would be useful if people shared their trigger sounds so that we can see which are most commonly shared among sufferers.

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      I find it infuriating when people bite their fork or scrape the fork on their teeth when they’re eating!

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        It may sound ridiculous but my idea of hell is being trapped in a room with my mother whilst she eats a juicy pear. This is a very specific and vivid memory I have as a child. Now my reaction to friends and family is to quite often verbally degrade and humiliate them over the fact they are making noises which I find horrifying. If I can’t verbally shout out my disgust I have to physically restrain myself. And I feel horrible for it.

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          I feel awful, but for me it is mainly set off by the sounds of one of my family members eating. When they put a forkful of food in their mouth, they suck in, making a slurping noise. It disgusts me, I have to physically restrain myself from telling them to stop it. Today they were having spaghetti for dinner, which intensified the problem due to the general slurpiness of spag bol, so I felt so much internal rage I had to leave the room until they were finished. I can still feel the rage now actually. Also, to a lesser extent, the hoover sets it off. When I’m hoovering, I make it quick and too the point. When my family are hoovering, they keep doing the same spots over and over again, taking between 5 and 10 minutes to hoover each room. More than once, I have snapped and yelled at them to ‘turn that damn noise off,’ and each time it happens I mentally visualise throwing the hoover through the window.

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          Ackhh, nectarines, pears or any kind of juicy fruit are unbearable for me as well. Why’s it always mums who love eating them so much!? My mum’s a fiendish cherry eater as well, slurps them up manically. I just try to leave the room in advance if it looks like someone’s going to start eating fruit.

          Unbelievably hard as it is, I’d try to avoid telling off the people for eating them though. They’re not actually doing anything wrong and to them and 99% of the population it’s totally fine. We just need to think of clever and innovative ways to remove ourselves from these situations!

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          Hi Rosie Bee, being triggered by family members and loved ones is totally normal (for misophones!) Myself and pretty much everyone I’ve spoken to has found that the people they’re closest to are their worst triggers.

          Visualising violence, whether it’s chucking a hoover out of the window or worse, is also part of it. It’s horrible and it’s the bit I personally find the most distressing.

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            Hmmmmmm…. so many triggers
            – juicy fruits as above
            – anything crunchy, especially crisps
            – certain people’s style of typing on computer keyboards
            – some computer mouses, especially if they are used directly on a desk without a mat
            – all plastic wrapping
            – creaky chairs
            – barking dogs
            – nail clippers
            – mobile phone keypad tones
            – some mobile phone text alerts
            – ineffective, repetitve throat clearing
            – page turning, sometimes
            – blister packs of tablets
            – cutlery on crockery
            – cutlery on plastic
            – cutlery on teeth!

            There are more but they are all tiny tiny noises that most people don’t even notice. The less stressed I am, the easier I find I can deal with the noises. When stress goes up, my misophonia is so much harder to squash down 🙁

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              Triggers. Aw, blech.
              Kissing is a big one, combined with the visual of anyone putting their mouth near any part of another person. Couples who kiss in front of me make me physically nauseous and angry enough to start punching. That’s probably the worst one for me.
              Any kind of mouth noises, particularly that sticky, wet sound people make when their lips pull apart – so gross. Even the tiniest mouth noises are intolerable…my poor husband gets dry mouth at night and I could just kill him…even the dogs making gross mouth noises can disgust me if I’m in the wrong frame of mind. I wear earplugs at night on the weekend but have to hear my alarm during the week, so I just suffer. He’s been amazing with these conditions, though…will sleep on the couch if I need him to, not use his e-cig when I’m around (the hand-to-mouth and tiny pop it makes are huge triggers) and will warn me if he’s planning to eat or drink something. If I know ahead if time, I can often steel myself to tolerate it (with him only). If I’m surprised, I have to bail and go hang out in my room with the fans on.
              Sybilants. Dear Lord, women who talk quietly but you can hear their teeth – whistling “s” sounds from another room…or from another seat on the bus…ew.I just want to scream at them to stop whispering and speak like human beings, at a normal volume.
              Gum chewing and bubble-popping : just kill me now. Whoever invented gum (and toothpicks) should be strung up and beaten. If I see somebody take out a pack of gum I feel like the world is ending, because I know what’s coming and that there’s no escape.
              Others : nail clipping, feet rubbing on fabric, glottal-frying or men’s voices with little tune to them but a heavy bass, and anything coming from the other side of a wall. I always have to live and stay on the top floor of buildings, because peoples’ tv noise and conversations (if I don’t know who is having them – if I do it’s usually okay for some reason) will drive me insane.
              I don’t tell anyone about my disorders, not even my physicians. None of my friends know; only my husband and my sister (who used to torture me with mouth noises on purpose whe we were younger, but understands what it is now and is extremely cinsiderate). The reason is because the second I let someone know, my brain tells me they are exhibiting trigger behavior intentionally. I know that’s completely irrational, but it’s a failsafe to not tell them that keeps me sane and them out of enemy territory. I can rationalize with myself and de-escalate a lot faster if the trigger person is “innocent”.

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                My biggest trigger is noisy eating. My dad is the noisiest eater ever and continues to smack his lips and root out every last bit of food in his mouth for some time after he’s finished eating. (I’m actually feeling ill just thinking about it.)

                And I also had a pear (and banana) loving mum. I’d have to do everything I could to stop myself running out of the room when she reached for one.

                Like Dallas, kissing in public is also a big one. (Luckily, not air/cheek kissing, just the slurping kind.)

                And also similarly, I also have a problem with people touching their own lips with their hands or fingers. I guess it’s the anticipation that they’re going to bite their nails or suck on their fingers. I’m not sure.

                It’s quite a relief to finally write it down. I’ve known for a while that other people have problems with noisy eaters, but it was only today that I found out that other people have the same extreme reactions about it!

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                  Definately the open mouthed chewing can irritate the life out of me.

                  I also really really struggle with idling vehicles that for no reason are parked and have their engines running omg I have wanted to throw rocks at their cars.

                  People that seem to rub their faces comstantly like a stimming process.

                  Consistant clearing of the throat from people or non stop sniffing.

                  Just repetitive actions of all sorts that dont seem to have an outcome to the action. hahahaha

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                    Sound of basketball bouncing.. neighbours
                    son is playing and the sound makes me feel so much rage inside.. I consider moving to another place.

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                      **** High heels clacking down the hallway at work. ****

                      I have even asked one lady if she has quieter shoes she can wear. I think she went and deliberately got louder ones O_O and now I have to close my office door to stop getting so mad that I feel like crying (like now), and I totally form an opinion on and judge a person who can be so bloody inconsiderate!!

                      I do have fairly bad tinnitus and hearing loss in my right ear, which is on the side of the hallway lol. So i do wonder if all of us had a hearing test, what would be the outcome? Although i remember being like this at less than 10 years of age, the sound of my sister drinking and the subsequent swallowing UGGGHHH and it caused many fights!!

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                        I cannot stand it when people eat. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t eat with my family most days because the sounds of them chomping on their food and rubbing their forks against their plates/teeth makes me cringe. Also, I get very annoyed when people chew gum and I constantly hear them smacking it; even if their mouths are closed. The cracking of bones, clicking of pens, and sounds of people itching themselves also tend to set me off. Basically any sound I get annoyed with its insane!!!

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                          I sit at my desk, quietly tapping away at the keyboard. I am in a computer lab, the sound of others tapping, clicking, hushed chattering, and muffled music whispers in the back of my mind. I’m able to completely focus on the task at hand and am at ease with my surroundings.
                          Typing away, I begin writing a new paragraph when–

                          ZIP. CRINKLE CRINKLE. TEAR.
                          SCRUNCH. GRAB. SHOVEL.
                          CRUNCH CRUNCH
                          MUNCH MUNCH
                          SMACK LICK

                          Instantly my nerves are on edge, my mind goes wild. I somehow must stop this wretched sound…

                          MUNCH. CRUNCH. MUNCH.

                          A familiar acquaintance sitting a few seats away has stopped working to indulge herself in a little snack.
                          Feeling anxious, I reach into my backpack and pull out a ziploc bag of pretzels. Having previously asked, and confirmed that no one around me would be bothered if I ate, I began snacking on pretzels.
                          I immediately felt better.
                          Trying desperately to mute out the sound, I eat quicker than I probably should have. Before I know it, I have finished the entire bag.
                          Unfortunately, my peer is eating very slowly and still has three-fourths of her bag to go…

                          MUNCH. CRUNCH. MUNCH.

                          My headache grows stronger.
                          I try to ignore it. I try to ignore…
                          “PLEASE will you stop eating while you’re around me? Sorry, it just really bothers me.” I say somewhat politely, and somewhat irritated…
                          My peer turns, just realizing I am speaking to her. It takes her a moment to process what I am saying. Then…
                          She grins–food and all– as if to say Oh? It bothers you?
                          And without saying a word…
                          I feel enraged. Aggravated. Anger boiling up inside.
                          I bet… I bet she would take me seriously if clawed her face off…
                          Anxiety swarms in my brain. I’m so angry. Why must people be so disrespectful? I ask them nicely to stop and people just think it’s SO funny. They never take me seriously. I’m so angry.
                          At home, I can shout at my family members to get out of whatever room I’m in if I hear even a nibble. They usually listen because they see how irritated I am.
                          But in public? What am I supposed to do then?
                          I feel helpless, what am I supposed to do?

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                            Swallowing, chewing, slurping, gulping, smacking, basically any sounds associated with eating or drinking; the person can have perfectly fine manners, but if I can hear anything, I want to scream. The “ahh” sound people making after drinking; silverware against bowls or plates, especially when someone is furiously trying to scrape up the last bit of something; crinkling bags or cellophane, especially when it’s slow; breathing! Mouth breathing or any type of loud breathing; sniffing, sniffling, repetitive throat clearing.

                            Strangely, and jUst to make me extra guilty for being so hard on people, the sound of my dog chewing his feet doesn’t bother me. ?

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