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Someone in Pain

All of our issues are very real. From bass causing a headache in the back side of my head to hearing someone crunch chips or chomp on almonds leaving me with no other option except to cry because I feel so trapped and out of control -There is not much we can do about it. Not much at all. Even knowing that we aren’t the only ones with this condition don’t help that much. I’ve experienced this my entire life and known of misophonia for 4 years now. And I find myself looking for answers online when things get real bad.

My go-to for when I really am fed up with the sounds is PINK NOISE. I just google a pink noise video on YouTube when I have fast internet. And always make sure I have a pink noise mp3 file on my phone or at least a pink noise app that works offline with no issues.

Nothing else works as effectively as pink noise for me. It’s not ideal to listen to for the rest of your life, but it definitely reduces my anxiety.

Just hang in there. Those who truly love you will understand.