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John Stormnoiser

    Interesting, I get annoyed with body noises, but what drives me mad are sharp sounds, machines sounds, alarms, loud sounds, fireworks, beeps, yells, horns.
    This is a problem to me, because there is lot of places I hate to be because there is a constant machine noise, and I get overly mad, it makes me have death wishes or makes me want to destroy the machine with something. Its funny because I do musics, but I hate loud sounds, including loud music, I don’t play it loud.
    It was strange to me that people can’t understand why a pressure washer is a hell of a machine, really, people should burn all those machines.
    Why people have alarm that releases itself always and they know it and nobody gonna check because everybody knows it was accidental and they never fix it? It makes me want to throw a stone in their house, what gonna happen? Nobody is going to check the alarm source anyway…
    Really hate motorbike noises, its a pain, its painful to hear cars accelerating after the traffic light goes green.
    Why people hear tv and music so loud? Whyyyyyyyyy?!?!?!?!??!! Those entertaining shows with lot of dumb musics and claps and people yelling, nooooooooooooooooo, please, this makes me roll in the floor from misophonia…
    Why people talk so loud? Why people have to yell when they are having fun?
    I’m ashamed of how I get after a trigger, I hope normal people don’t face me when it happens.